Straight from Assisi’s Eremo, a ode to a boundless art, to a beer that creates a new taste of tradition.

From the ancient history of Assisi, its glimpses of landscapes covered in nature and perfumes, from the techniques and recipes jealously treasured among monasteries’ thick walls, a beer collecting old-time flavours was born: Birra dell’Eremo.

Like a bag keeping winds and secrets, each bottle, each sip, tells past histories of nobles, glorious names, markets, spices and immortal characters. Birra dell’Eremo hides within its full-bodied froth the ancient recipes and the most cutting edge techniques: the secret of its taste is perfectly balanced between tradition and innovation.

Passion for beer and Assisi’s history inspired the creation of painting, a piece of art as unique as the taste of products that know how to distinguish themselves from the mass.
The energy of Enrico Ciani and Geltrude Salvatori Franchi instilled a poetry within the ingredients and aromas of the bottles, a ode to beer and its colours, its suggestions and evocations.

Each product made by Birra dell’Eremo is a picture, the union of precise brush strokes, of detail caring and of drawings that reveal histories of symbols and myths lost in time. Just like a talented artist, its beer master craftsman carves features and unique aromas, ingredient by ingredient, particule by particule, so that each beer has an unforgettable touch.
Birra dell’Eremo: the art to taste, with all your senses.

condividi la nostra storia

A ode to the beer

A ode to the beer