Imperial IPA

“Glaciale” is an Imperial IPA style beer, with the addition of organic honey. It has a dark amber color and a beige fine and persistent foam. The scent is complex with herbaceous and balsamic notes, clear hints of citrus and mandarin wood . The flavour is immediatly soft, with honeyed notes that hide an important bitterness, given by the hops of overseas and the new generation continental hops. It’s an elegant beer with a strong note of bitterness.

Ingredients:Water, barley malt, honey, hops, yeast.

  • 150cl
  • 20lt. POLYKEG
  • 33 cl
  • 50 cl

Alcohol content

7,5% Vol.

Ideal temperature

  • Bitterness
  • Spices
  • Effervescence
  • Head

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Beer Glaciale

Beer Glaciale