Fermentation, experimentation, passion

A space in constant flux

Story of a living brewery which is growing every day

Birra dell’Eremo was set up at a former factory which was brought back to vibrant life. Enrico and Geltrude got it up and running and the machinery, fridge units, bottling zone and ageing rooms arrived soon afterwards. The workshop grew, new technologies arrived and constant experimentation became our hallmark.
Constant growth. Over the years the brewery became a tried and tested, well-organised place to work an ever improving beer.  There is immense hard work and extraordinary yeast experimentation behind the birth of award-winning, acclaimed beers, great discoveries and even an article in a scientific journal.

It’s a quality challenge which has been winning and served to win over connoisseurs, beer lovers and the most difficult to get on side, publicans, true beer professionals and fans.

Many years have passed since 2012. Now the brewery is even bigger and more welcoming. There’s a close-knit team which has grown and is even closer than before. There are warehouses, offices, a shop and new surprises on the way.

Selection and quality

01. Raw materials

The experimentation starts here, from a clear raw material choice. Birra dell’Eremo has always invested in the best products, in constant selection, with an attentive focus on provenance and quality. The rest is a matter of pure water from local springs.

Fermentation masters

02. Study and creativity

Being master brewers means knowing about production processes, chemistry, the elements and fermentation. Before recipes, before creative intuition comes scientific study and honing: the precious balance which makes each beer unique comes from this.

A new challenge every day

03. Constant development

From glass bottles to cans, from the first labels to the new ranges which exalt the artisan spirit, to creative graphics which exalt the craft mood behind each single product. Birra dell’Eremo grows and changes every day while remaining special, always.

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