Birra dell’Eremo, a shared dream

Enrico, Geltrude, 2012: a journey begins

A team which works passionately, always.

First and foremost Birra dell’Eremo is a close-knit team which puts passion into what it does. Enrico and Geltrude’s vision and skill have been the core around which the brewery has grown and, to an even greater extent, a dream which turned into a shared journey.

That small craft workshop of 2012 was the launchpad for a dynamic, robust firm. Together, charged up with energy and in constant ferment, they breathed life into a shared passion.

Having come from nowhere, in the space of just a few years the firm showed what it was capable of: the team grew and diversified with new staff.  Stages on a journey which took Birra dell’Eremo to where it is now: a solid success story made up of people and beer.

The heart of all this has certainly been determination, energy and team spirit, the true essence of Enrico and Geltrude’s project. It is this which has been the key to
making good beer, our way.


Founder & Sales Manager

She founded the brewery in 2012. After graduating in international relations from Perugia University Geltrude decided to throw her energies into the craft beer world together with Enrico. She is the project’s sales manager and follows every aspect of sales from beginning to end.
Extrovert, direct and dynamic.


Founder & Head Brewers

Born in 1983. He founded the brewery in 2012. After graduating in agricultural and environmental biotechnologies from Perugia and diverse experience in the beer sector, he decided to open his own brewery. His is the brains behind every beer that has come out of Eremo.
Creative, perfectionist and mild mannered.


Conditioning & Cellar Manager

Born in 1993. A graduate in agriculture from Perugia University. He joined the Birra dell’Eremo team in 2017. He is responsible for conditioning and the cellar, key stages in craft beer success.
Reserved, attentive and detail-oriented.


Operation Manager

Born in 1990. A graduate in agro-food technologies and biotechnologies from Perugia University. She joined Birra dell’Eremo in 2015 with great enthusiasm and dedication. Her brewery experience is 360 degree and her work ranges from quality control to client contact.
Empathic, sunny tempered and precise.


Logistics & Warehouse

Born in 1996. He’s worked for Eremo since 2019. His duties are warehouse management logistics. He is responsible for carefully making up your orders. He is a totally reliable colleague.
Good company, reliable and willing to help.



Born in 1985. After years of experience as a brewer, he joined Birra dell’Eremo in 2015. He is master brewer Enrico's right-hand man. Always careful, scrupulous and skilled.
Reserved, attentive and detail-oriented
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